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First Steps of West Central Indiana

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Local Planning and Coordinating Council (LPCC) Information
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The Cluster F LPCC / Cluster Council meets quarterly to advise and assist the lead agency in providing services for the infants, toddlers and their families who reside in the Cluster F geographic area.

LPCC approved meeting notes can be accessed by clicking here.

The next meeting of the Cluster F LPCC will be Thursday, December 2 2010. Due to the changes in First Steps, this meeting will be held via email or conference call. Please let the LPCC coordinator know if you wish to be involved in this meeting.
For information, please contact Council Coordinator, Peggy Eppert.

The LPCC Coordinator is Peggy Eppert.  Peggy can be reached via email at or at
To be placed on the LPCC mailing list, contact Peggy Eppert.
  • The Cluster F LPCC has two committees, the Data Team, charged with reviewing data for program improvement, and the Provider Issues Committee (PIC), charged with assisting the SPOE in identifying and resolving issues that build a stronger system. 
  • The LPCC as a whole functions as the SPOE Oversight Committee. 
  • Stakeholders groups meet informally in various Cluster F counties and the LPCC coordinator is a member of many other early childhood groups in various counties.
  • Provider Support groups meet throughout the cluster, typically in Terre Haute and Washington.  To be placed on the mailing list for these meetings, please email Peggy.
  • Cluster meetings, events and activities are listed on the Calendar
Mail can be sent to the Cluster F Coordinator at the SPOE office which is housed at:
First Steps of West Central Indiana
500 8th Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47804
We can be reached via phone at 812-231-8337 or toll free at 1-877-860-0413.
Hamilton Center, Inc., is the fiscal agent for Cluster F services.
For more information, please contact  Peggy at the email addresses noted above or call her at .

The next meeting of the First Steps of West Central Indiana LPCC will be
December 2nd, 2010  and will be held electronically. Please let the coordinator know if you wish to be included in this meeting.LPCC Meetings begin at 10 a.m. and go through lunch (provided).  The Transition Team meeting begins after lunch until about 2:00 p.m.

You can email the Cluster F LPCC Coordinator by clicking this link.